The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) has elected Berkeley Engineering nano-optoelectronics expert Constance Chang-Hasnain to its ranks, considered one of the highest professional honors accorded an American engineer. She was cited for her contributions to wavelength tunable diode lasers and multi-wavelength laser arrays.

SinBeRISE hosted Tiffany A. Pranther - US Foreign Affairs Officer,  David Zhao - US Embassy Economic Officer and BArton J. Putney- US Bureau of Oceans Acting Deputy Assistant  Secretary for Environment for a lab tour and a meeting discussing things that the USA government can help with in either research and/or translation in Singapore.

SinBeRISE scales-up to 30cm by 30cm in the production of perovskite solar cells. With the use of the recently purchased slot die coater SInBeRISE has been able to scale the high efficency perovskite solar cells to large areas.

CREATE@10 Symposium was held on Dec 1st 2017. In conjuction with the symposium and working with the journal Energy Technology a special issue of the journal was produced featuring the research performed at CREATE. With Eicke Weber CEO BEARS and Matthew Sherburne PI SinBeRISE as Guest Editors.

SinBeRISE has purchased a slot die coater for the scale-up and production efforts of the perovskite solar cells. The slot die coater is a method used in industrial production of glass, thus giving SinBeRISE the ability to impliment production methods that are related to industrial processes.

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