The U.S. military community in Singapore (Public Works) Visit

The U.S. military community in Singapore observed Public Works Week, May 21-25, 2018 bringing forth a new campaign to help bring new technologies to the public’s awareness. The highlight of the week’s events included a tour of Singapore’s Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (CREATE) on May 23rd, in which participants met with researchers from the Berkeley Education Alliance for Research in Singapore, Ltd. (BEARS). 

One of the main efforts that Singapore-Berkeley Research Institute for Sustainable Energy (SinBeRISE) researchers are undertaking is implementing the chemical compound, perovskite, in new photovoltaics. Perovskite is offering new ways to make solar cells more affordable and easier to mass produce with relatively comparable efficiency in the 15-to-20 percent range compared to the 20-to-25 percent efficiency of Crystalline Silicon solar cells. (Official U.S. Navy photo by Marc Ayalin).

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